Why White Bags are Perfect for Winter

White is seriously dominating my winter wish list

There are two types of people in this world. Those who believe you can’t wear white after Labor Day and those who know that white is a color for the entire year, regardless of “the rules.” I happen to fall into the latter category, but it wasn’t always this way. I used to put all of my white items away after Labor Day and wouldn’t pull them out again until Memorial Day, stashing them away all winter long.

As soon as the temperatures dropped and the snow started falling, I was instantly smitten with using my white bag in winter! Throughout that winter, I found that I loved carrying a light bag during the coldest season, reveling at how beautiful and fresh it looked in a sea of brown and black bags. While the “no white after labor day” rule still exists, I think it is starting to slowly phase away, with more people wearing the color year round. I don’t limit it just to bags, I love the look of an all white outfit—I feel so chic and put together when I’m dressed in head-to-toe white! This year I want to get a white or cream colored winter coat and maybe add a few new bags to my collection.

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