The Best Trendy Vintage Handbags from Cahoots

An article from Medium showcases Paige Davidson owner of Cahoots Handbags a trendy vintage handmade shop.  Paige Davidson after graduating from the University of Texas, she found herself playing around with a collection of vintage fabrics, some of which were from her grandparents’ antique-dealing days. Paige and her mother created a few patterns and made some handbags for themselves, and as friends began wanting them and spreading the word, Cahoots Handbags was born. They decided in 2007 to renovate the historic George Y. Bird building, which was originally built in 1897. The building has a long history, including having been her grandfather’s auto part store from 1945 into the mid-1970’s! They opened their doors in December 2007 as a gallery space and a boutique for their handmade bags. Over the last seven years, they have continued to develop their line and open their space to local makers and artisans.

We think that there is magic and love in handmade things and that there’s an importance in giving back to local makers and showing them support in the same way that others did for us as we were starting our business.

cahoots bargello petite vintage handbag
Bargello Petite

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